Love at First Sight?

You know there is a connection when these two look at each other for a long time.





Chicken Trainer

Hey you! Yes, I am talking to you. Are you ready to lose some weight? Don’t worry, I will help you. We are going to begin by doing a 5 mile jog. Trust me, you are going to love it.




Cat vs Metronome

Way too funny and cute! Enjoy your weekend.






Let me Show you Around

Dog: This is my favorite part of the forest. But you got to watch out, I heard there are tigers around.





Once upon a time

Once upon a time, there was a mouse that loves having a tea party with his teddy bear…


What!! No way!!!





Dog attacks TV

This is probably why you shouldn’t let your dog loose while you are watching a baseball game.




Grumpy Cat

I am sure by now everyone has heard of the grumpy cat. If not, do a quick search on the internet. Essentially it’s a funny cute cat but was born with a grumpy face. But that’s what makes him adorable right?