Alright folks, I got something unusual but really cool to show you today. I actually have seen few photos before but I just thought it was done in Photoshop or someone really amazing made them for art project. Upon further research, this thing actually has a name. You can either call it “Danboard” or “Danbo” depending on whether your Japanese has an accent or not, LOL. Or you can just call it the amazon box head robot as I did. Believe it or not, Danboard has its origin from Japanese manga named Yotsuba&! It has become a popular action figure that is available for sell at Amazon for about $50-$80. Not as cheap as I thought it would be. However, what amazes me is that people beginning to incorporate them into photography. They are catchy and beautiful at the same time. Below are some samples, enjoy!








If you want to see more of the danboard, give it search at google image or you can visit one of the original danboard site called Box Life.