When your daughter wants a Pony

If you have a daughter in the family, chances are sooner or later she will request a pony for her Christmas present. So what should you do? Let’s review 2 scenarios below.

Scenario number one: regular dads. You went to a pet store and got your daughter a dog. You thought the dog would be just as cute and she will totally forget about the pony. However after you got home, your daughter became awfully surprised that you did not provide the pony that she has repeatedly asked for. She pointed to the dog and said “I asked for a pony! What is this?” Then she started crying and yelling and everyone’s Christmas is ruined.


Scenario number two: smart dads. Again, you went to the pet store and got your daughter a dog. But this time, you remembered to bring back a horse mask as well. You successfully fooled your daughter’s little eyes and she thought you are the greatest dad in the whole world and the rest is history. The move was brilliant and we salute you smart dad. Now the choice is yours, which dad will you be?